Ladies, Jazz and Liquor: The Martini Bar and Restaurant

1 Nov

Yes it was ladies night last week and Miss Wallflower and I went for a movie and dinner. I decided a return trip to Martini in Leichhardt was in order. I had been there once before and recalled the food was good, but my memory of the meal was a bit tarnished by some stressors at the time of my last visit and I wanted to go there under much happier circumstances.

It was a Thursday night and I had tried to book the restaurant earlier in the day but no one had returned my call, so I wasn’t sure if there would be any tables available. I recall last time I went there for dinner, they were pretty much completely booked out. Martini is in the same complex as the Palace Cinemas in Norton Street Leichhardt, making it a perfect dinner spot before a movie. We arrived shortly before 7pm and we asked for a table for two. When asked if we had a booking, I told the waiter I had left a message making a reservation, but no one had returned my call. To that he very charmingly replied with a wave of his hand, ‘we are Italian we don’t return messages, its ok’ and led us to a table 🙂

The menu is Italian in style, with a good range of pasta, and pizzas as well as secondi’s like lamb and pork. Miss Wallflower and I are both carb junkies and decided pasta was what we were in the mood for. We ordered our meals and some wine and settled in.  Jazz Connection, some very accomplished young musicians were playing that night. The waiter who served us was quite concerned the music may have been too loud, but Miss Wallflower and I enjoyed it. I have absolutely no musical ability whatsoever. I have never learnt an instrument and cannot hold a note, so I really envy young people who have such tremendous talent, and I enjoyed having some live music to add to the ambience and my enjoyment of the night

We had the zucchini flowers for a starter. I love these and I never make them myself. They were stuffed with cheese and herbs, lightly battered, fried and served with a tangy sauce.

The fight for the last zucchini flower

The flowers were not soggy, as sometimes happens and the little baby zucchini attached was firm and full of flavour.

Mis Wallflower had a Garganelli with fried eggplant, capsicum and fresh burrata.

Delish Burrata

The burrata was luscious and smooth and added a lovely freshness to the pasta. The dish was light but filling.

I had a ravioli stuffed with scallops and potato in an asparagus sauce. The sauce was distinctively asparagus in flavour and I had never thought of doing an asparagus sauce for pasta before.The potatoes were firm and it was clear that both pasta dishes contained freshly prepared pasta.

The sauce was such a rich green

We accompanied the meal with a side of insalata mista, the highlight of which was the large green olives, which I started fishing out with my fingers while enjoying the music. The mustard vinaigrette was perfectly seasoned and balanced.

Searching for large green olives....

Jazz, fresh well prepared Italian food and some wine. What more could you want.

Do you like live music when you are out to dinner? Do you play an instrument?

Martini Bar and Restaurant

Level 1, 99 Norton Street Leichhardt, Sydney, NSW, Sydney, NSW. 2040

(02) 9568 3344


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