The Pub Lunch

29 Sep

Greetings readers! I am on my Orange Mini Break. Miss Wallflower and I left Sydney on Tuesday Morning after packing the car and filling the esky with all my previously discussed essentials and we were on the road.

It is about 4 hours to Orange and the drive through the mountains were beautiful as Miss Wallflower and I sang along to some great 60’s and 70’s rock and blues classics, handpicked for the journey. Aren’t we groovy! Considering the length of the journey we knew we would need to take a break and get some sustenance, so we stopped in the historic down of Bathurst.

Now I am not sure why, but I absolutely crave a pub lunch when doing a road trip. There is something about pub lunches that says holiday to me.  Simple well known food without fuss and pretension. We easily found parking and saw the Knickerbocker Hotel, which I had read was one of the pubs in Bathurst offering a decent pub lunch. The building is a classic deco corner pub with a bistro and beer garden out back.

Classic Corner Pub

We made our way to the bistro and took a look at the menu. I picked the battered fish and chips. Yes I know they aren’t exactly a swish or even healthy food, but that is not why I came to a pub, I came for pub grub, so no judgement please! Miss Wallflower ordered a steak sandwich. We sat at one of the tables near the beer garden and listened to more 60’s and 70’s rock classics trying not to sing along too loudly, the music at the pub was clearly selected by a person who has fantastic taste just like us!

Our lunch arrived a short time later. The first thing I observed about my plate was the rather enormous serve of salad. I could pretend that I started with the salad for virtuous reasons but it would be a lie. I started with the salad because I wanted to get easy access to my fish and the chips and freeing up some plate space was essential. The salad was crisp and lightly dressed made up  of julienned carrot, capsicum and cucumber with rocket with some bean sprouts. The chips were a chunky cut and were crisp and not overcooked. The first thing I noticed on tasting the fish was that it tasted like fish. What you would expect..right? However quite often you get battered fish and chips and all you can taste is the oil and the batter. The batter on this fish was crispy without being oily and it lightly coated the fish without overwhelming it.

See there is green stuff!

Miss Wallflowers steak sandwich came loaded with tomato, beetroot and lettuce and the steak was tender and cooked perfectly. Miss Wallflower did have to adopt the elbows up position while eating it to avoid ending up with juice running down her sleeves and beetroot in her lap. Her chips were chunky cut like mine and went down a treat. I must confess I didn’t finish all of my lunch, damn that salad!

On the road again. Next stop Orange!

What is your favourite pub meal?


2 Responses to “The Pub Lunch”

  1. Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella 01/10/2011 at 10:09 pm #

    Sounds like a well deserved break! And hehe yes I always assume that position-I love beetroot in burgers so it’s a risk I am willing to take-up to a point! 🙂

    • thelegaltart 03/10/2011 at 10:51 am #

      The power of beetroot. It can defy all laws of physics when in the vicinity of a white shirt!

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