Mini Break!

22 Sep

I am heading off on a mini break next week. Miss Wallflower and I really needed a break and we love a good wine region. We are both big fans of the Hunter Valley but we thought we would try somewhere different, so we have decided to head to Orange. Girly Road trip!

We have rented a little cottage with full kitchen facilities and the plan is to sleep in to the late morning, eat breakfast in our pj’s and head out wine tasting at our own leisure. What I love about holidays like this is that they have a nice and relaxed rhythm and you really get to enjoy being somewhere different. I have a tendency when travelling to do things at a frenetic pace. There is so much I want to see that I tick of my ‘must do list’ with military precision. But this trip to Orange is designed to be a departure from the frantic pace of life and an opportunity to stock up on the elixir of life…wine.

Given that Miss Wallflower is off work the day before we leave, while I am slaving over files at work, I thought I would put her free time to good use getting us the essentials we need to make our home away from home even more enjoyable. Ever the forward planner I already have a list of gourmet requirements for a perfect relaxed mini break.


I must confess I eat chocolate every day. I love the stuff.
Organic dark chocolate is indeed a necessity.


I remember watching a show on TV, where they asked a French chef the minimum number of different styles of cheese you should have in your house, his response… 4 or 5. I wholeheartedly agree. But 4 or 5 seems like a bit much to take for 3 days. Triple cream brie, a hard cheese and a blue vein should be sufficient, then again…..


What can I say, a girly mini break with no bubbles…well it just doesn’t bear thinking about.

Cheers Darlings!


In addition to the 3 C’s, some fruit. Whether accompanying champagne or cheese, strawberries fulfil some of the other nutritional requirements our bodies will have over 3 days.


Great start to the day or lazy ending.


Can’t travel anywhere without the stuff.


With so much wine, tea is essential to maintain the appropriate hydration levels.

If anyone has some must visit wineries or restaurants in Orange I would love to hear about them.

What do you find essential while away?


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