The Burger: Everyone’s Kicked a goal!

11 Sep

Last week during a visit with the parentals we got on to a discussion about what to do for Mutti’s birthday. Both parents are planning on taking a day off work to have nice lunch in town. As I work in town I felt it was only appropriate to invite myself along. Why else would they come in to town if it wasn’t so I could be there! The bonus of parents organising a nice lunch in town, is that it really is somewhere nice, that I would love to go, have the perfect dress for, but usually can’t afford….Probably because I bought the perfect dress!

We bandied about ideas and I of course suggested many places that I was sure they would like, because I wanted to go there. The RockpoolBar and Grill in Sydney came up. I have been to The Rockpool Bar and Grill on 2 separate occasions. The first time I ate in the restaurant. The restaurant is divine for many reasons, the building itself is a masterpiece that has me channelling my inner Mad Men character as I sashay to my chair, the service is brilliant and the strawberry tart for dessert left me in a pleasure filled haze for at least an hour afterwards, with regular sensually vivid tart flashbacks for at least a week…….
I feel flushed just talking about it 😉

The Bar, where I ate the second time, has the same advantages of the beautiful architecture and attentive service, but it has a different more moody, intimate quality. The menu is also different and when I was there I had the much raved about Wagyu beef burger. While nothing quite compares to the pleasures of a good tart, the burger is definitely worthy of its many accolades

I have to admit that for me there is nothing quite as satisfying as a well made burger served with chunky cut chips. Mutti often made burgers for us as children and I have to say that she probably makes some of the best rissoles ever. When I was a kid and we went out and had a burger, the measure of a good one was whether the juice ran down your arm, a strange yardstick I know.

The beauty of the burger is that a well-made rissoles can be topped with any number of different things to make it just the way you like it. I for instance love mine with pineapple and beetroot. Now some of the Un-Australian amongst us may be repulsed by the idea of beetroot on a burger and to that I say…. be ashamed. My brother couldn’t go past a burger with bacon, and I have recently found caramelised onions to be a necessary topping.

With all this talk of burgers I thought I would spend Sunday making up a batch of rissoles, some of which could be frozen for later use. I have included the recipe below but I must admit that no two of my rissole recipes are ever the same. I often find rissoles can be a good way to use up leftover veges and some of the things I included this time were just the odds and ends left in my fridge. The rissoles I made this time had a smoky quality due to the eggplant which I quite enjoyed; I may add them again next time.

So tell me what toppings do you like on your burger?

Rissoles my way

Makes 12 small or 6 large rissoles

  • 200 gms pork mince
  • 200 gms of lean beef mince
  • Half a carrot coarsely grated
  • 1 small onion grated
  • 1 baby eggplant finely chopped
  • 6 Colossal Kalamata Olives (all I had left, feel free to use more)
  • 1 slice of bread processed to a coarse crumb soaked in a couple of tablespoons of milk
  • ½ cup of button mushrooms chopped
  • 1 large egg
  • 1 Tbsp of Tomato Paste

Place all the chopped vegetables,olives and onion in a bowl with the mince

before mixing

Squeeze the milk out of the bread and add to bowl of mince along with the egg and tomato paste

Use your hand to combine squashing together and mixing things rather like kneading dough, until all the ingredients come together.

All combined

Form into large or small rissoles

Cook in a fry pan for a few minutes on each side with a small amount of oil. You can also cook these under the grill or on the BBQ

Serve the burgers the way you like with an array of toppings.  Beetroot

The finished product

I only ever cook a few of mine and freeze the others in a container, wrapped in cling film in 2’s.  Then I can take 2 out as I need them. I eat them hot or cold. They can make a great sandwich or pita bread filler for lunch.


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